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NFT / Blockchain art

As a freelancer, I’ve been making films and selling prints for a couple of years now and I feel like an artist must always try to renew his approach.

As a filmmaker and photographer, I’ve been working with dancers for the past 6 years. There’s something so honest and true about artists that practice contemporary dance. So now, for this new chapter of my quest as a creator I decided to approach this art form in a different perspective. I started scanning with LiDAR the dancers movements and keeping the marks, impressions as those digital abstract forms they leave in space and time. Studying and preserving the movement. These are all unique pieces of digital work.

Every time one of those art pieces is sold, 10% of the profits goes to the dancer and 5% to a local dance community. My dream is to help financially those outside of the box projects that get rejected by the institutions and government fundings.

Just trying to put more art into this world and the one to come.

I extract jpegs from this:

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