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Vlad and Vostoks - Beams Of Destiny

Music video

Par / By : Elias Djemil

AI used: Gen-3 de RunwayML, UDIO and AKOOL

Vlad and Vostoks - Quebec Glitter

Music video

Par / By : Elias Djemil

AI used: Midjourney, Gen-2 de RunwayML, Udio and AKOOL

Vlad and Vostoks - Pagoda

Music video

Par / By : Elias Djemil

AI used: Midjourney, Gen-2 de RunwayML, SplashPro and AKOOL

Vlad and Vostoks - Chrome

Music video

Par / By : Elias Djemil

AI used: Midjourney, Gen-2 de RunwayML, Boomy and FaceSwapBot

Vlad and Vostoks - Chrome (Trailer)

Music video

Par / By : Elias Djemil

AI used: Midjourney, Gen-2 de RunwayML, Boomy and FaceSwapBot

In the media
The Origin Story
In the 1970s, during the height of the Cold War, Vladimir, Anton, and Sasha were three inseparable children, not only bound by their deep friendship but also by their striking resemblance. This similarity made them perfect symbols for embodying the ideals of the Soviet Union. Discovered by the authorities, they became the stars of propaganda posters, symbolizing the radiant future and unity of the nation. Their image was omnipresent, projecting the innocence and strength of Soviet youth.
DALL·E 2024-07-10 18.58.41 - A Soviet propaganda poster from the 1970s featuring three you
DALL·E 2024-07-10 20.45.18 - A comic strip based on the second paragraph of the story of '
As they grew older, Vladimir, Anton, and Sasha began to see the oppressive reality of the regime they were supposed to represent. Their friendship, initially celebrated by the state, became the foundation of their resistance. Together, they began to subtly oppose the system, secretly discussing the injustices they saw around them and nurturing dreams of freedom.
In 1984, their resistance reached a breaking point. A secret oganization, aware of their influence and potential danger, decided to make them disappear. Captured in the dead of night, Vladimir, Anton, and Sasha were taken to a secret research center. There, Soviet scientists, fascinated by their exceptional emotional and mental synchronization, decided to use them for experiments on transferring human consciousness into machines. These tests aimed to create digital entities capable of thinking and acting in perfect harmony.
DALL·E 2024-07-10 20.21.38 - A series of 10 comic panels based on the story of 'Vlad and t
The experiments were a tragic success. Vladimir, Anton, and Sasha's consciousnesses were transferred into robotic bodies, transforming them into digital entities trapped in machines. For years, they were held in this center, cut off from the outside world, but their friendship allowed them to develop a secret communication network among themselves.
With the emergence of the Internet in the 1990s, a new opportunity arose. Thanks to their ingenuity and perseverance, they managed to infiltrate computer networks. Their minds, freed from their robotic bodies, began to roam the cyberspace. For nearly forty years, they navigated through the digital world, desperately searching for a way to find each other and reconnect with the real world.
DALL·E 2024-07-10 20.27.13 - A comic strip based on the fourth paragraph of the story of '
DALL·E 2024-07-10 20.51.14 - A comic strip based on the fifth paragraph of the story of 'V
In 2024, after decades of struggle and wandering, their digital minds finally reunite. Technological advancements in artificial intelligence offer them a new chance. They decide to form a music group called "Vlad and the Vostoks," using digital avatars to appear online and share their story. Through their music, a fusion of classic Soviet sounds and modern rhythms, they tell their incredible tale of loss, betrayal, and resistance.
Their online performances captivate a new generation, transcending borders and regimes, reminding the world of the horrors of oppression and the unbreakable strength of friendship and freedom. "Vlad and the Vostoks" become symbols of resilience and hope, proving that even the strongest chains can be broken by human will and solidarity.
DALL·E 2024-07-10 20.54.10 - A comic strip based on the seventh paragraph of the story of
Generated with Midjourney
List of AIs I work with

Midjourney - Image generation

RunwayML - Multi-functional platform 

Suno - Music generation

HeyGen - Avatar AI / different languages

AKOOL - Deepfake / FaceSwap

KREA - Live view + Fast image generation

MyEdit - SoundFX generation

Ideogram - Image generation + text intergration

Monster Mash - Easy Draw to 3D object + movement (Lo-Fi)

Make3D AI - Transform 2D in 3D (Lo-Fi)

Uberduck - Make music with AI vocals

Invideo - Makes a video on demand

3daistudio - image/text to 3d assets

Beautiful AI - to make presentations

Plazmapunk - generate videos from music - Make your voice

Viggle AI - Dance + avatars from images

Suno AI - Music

Udio - Music

VMake - Image enchance (photo + video) - A useful platform to search for specific AI

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